Plan Your Own Derby Party

Sorority/Fraternity Party

Much like a mixer you would have in college, this theme can be creative, wild, and fun! Allow your Sorority Sisters to walk down a red carpet into an Infield style party! Everyone wants a glamorous feel and a fun party. So put on your flip flops and gear up for dancing, corn hole, and fun music while the horses Run for the Roses!


  • Dress Code:
    • Brothers: Shorts, Ties, Sunglasses, and Flip Flops
    • Sisters: Sun Dresses, Hats, Flip Flops, and fun jewelry
  • Beer Pong
  • Corn Hole (Bean Bag Toss)
  • Oyster Roast
  • BBQ
  • Playlists available for your music needs
  • Write a Kentucky Derby Chant with your Sorority/Fraternity name to celebrate “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”