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Hats & Horses

Hats & Horses

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You are invited to the beach for the day for a "Great Saturday May 5th, 2012", we have a space rented (Number 22) at the RV Campgrounds where we will be set up. 

Parking is at the beach obviously :-) and we will claim some "Real Estate" on the beach for a Common Area with a Tent for dropping your Beach Gear. The Tent will be set up by 11 am the Stations not until   2 pm. Aside from the public beach showers we will have the parks facilities to use Not Abuse :-)  with our discretion, we don't wish to get ejected!!

The Derby Viewing area setup will include a TV and Bar at the RV Site so we can watch the Race; a Grilling Area setup along with Shrimp & Crab Boil Area at the Campsite right behind the RV.

Burgers and Dogs along with condiments plates, napkins and utensils will be supplied at, the Grilling Station, a staple for a beach day!! 

The Boil station will have a large Crab pot with Old Bay Seasoning, Onions and Celery in the pot simmering for whatever you choose to bring with strainers and tongs and the basics.

Please bring what you like to drink and if Burgers and Dogs don't cut it for you bring it!! and in the spirit of sharing think "Tapas”, basically a "Pot Luck"(we only have a small fridge in the RV so adjust accordingly) 

It is Derby Day so a Cool, Fun or Outrageous Hat for the Ladies will be fun, hence The "Hats & Horses" theme. Working on a betting situation and perhaps some fun Derby events like "Best Hat" , " Best Nag" and maybe a Stick horse race for $$$ aside from that open to suggestions and anyone who wants to volunteer to run to the track to place bets, that would be cool too,  that perhaps would involve a "Pre-Party" oh the 

Mojito's are taking the place of Mint Juleps at the Bar not everyone likes Rum so adjust accordingly, Mint, Fruit and Soda will be there. 

The link for the park is attached so you can check out the setup and also if you choose to spend the day the Rentals are at the site also if you want to Kayak, Paddle board, Jet Ski whatever you wish to do. 

All suggestions are welcome and any normal supplies we might need (ice, charcoal, side dishes, beer, booze, etc.) please bring.

Side note for all those checking the date it is Cinco De Mayo, so Mexican themed Hats are cool too!  Look forward to seeing everyone!!!

Please remember we will need ice and the setup area has tons of room for coolers!! 

We all know how to party so let’s have a great day food, friends and the beach!!

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Who's Invited: Bobby Mallow, Maggie and Scotty, Maggie and Scotty, Lillie and Phil and 5 others.