Michael Paley

Representing Louisville, KY

Serving Maple Leaf Farms Duck Sloppy Joe

Michael Paley is the Executive Chef at Proof on Main restaurant located in downtown Louisville’s award-winning 21c Museum Hotel. Under Paley’s leadership, Proof on Main has become a showcase for the bounty of the Ohio River Valley. His exciting, accessible menu combines the culinary influences of Italy and the American South and pays homage to organic gardening, local farmers, artisanal producers, and sustainable agriculture. Proof on Main was honored to be named one of the “Best New Restaurants 2006,” by Esquire, and garnered the highest score in the country in the dining category of the Condé Nast Traveler Top 100 Readers’ Choice Awards. As an official part of Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail, the restaurant and bar stocks over 50 of Kentucky’s finest Bourbons. Paley is also a part owner of Garage Bar at 700 East Market, a casual neighborhood spot featuring pizzas from a wood-fired brick oven and Southern specialties, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.  The bar serves up craft beers, Kentucky bourbons and seasonal cocktails.

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