Chef Anthony Lamas

Representing Louisville. KY

Serving Pickled Royal Red Shrimp, Fennel Radish Salad and a Cumin, Coriander Broth

Anthony Lamas’ roots in the Latin culinary tradition run deep, as he found his passion for food while working in his family’s Spanish restaurant as a child. His mother’s heirloom recipes sparked his interest in the cuisine of his Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. By helping to prepare meals on the family farm and participating in Future Farmers of America, Lamas was practicing the “farm to table” philosophy before it was a national movement. To pursue his dream of becoming a professional chef, Lamas trained with the San Diego Culinary Apprenticeship Program.

In 1992, Lamas moved to Louisville with the dream of opening his own restaurant. His style of cooking was unique to the area, and in 2005 he opened Seviche which has earned national attention. He has cooked at the James Beard House and is a three time semifinalist for the the Foundation’s “Best Chef: Southeast" award. John Mariani of Esquire wrote, "Seviche has emerged as one of America’s best and most innovative Nuevo Latino restaurants with plenty of the chef’s personality in every dish…If you have time for one meal in Louisville, make it Seviche." named Lamas “a leader of the Latin food revolution" alongside chefs like Douglas Rodriguez and Jose Garces. Lamas won the first Extreme Chef on Food Network, has been featured on The Cooking Channel's America’s Best Bites and was recently on Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. In 2012, Lamas was  a finalist “Chef of the Year” in Chef magazine. Southern Living, Food Arts, Bon Appétit and Wine Spectator have also showcased Lamas’ talent. 

Anthony is dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable seafood practices, and his efforts earned him a Seafood Ambassador Award at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Seviche is now a restaurant partner in the Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.  This is Anthony's 5th year as a featured chef at Taste of Derby.