Chef Joey Faugno and Mauro Castano of “Cake Boss”

Representing Hoboken, NJ

Serving Cake Boss Specialty Derby Cake

Carlo's Bakery would not be what it is today without head baker Joe Faugno and head decorator Mauro Castano. Headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, Carlo's has retail shops in Times Square, Ridgefield, Red Bank and Westfield, NJ. 

Carlos' head baker, Joe has been at Carlos' Bakery for 26 years.  After serving in the Air Force, Joe came back to New Jersey, married Grace Valastro and started working at her family's bakery. Carlos' Bakery which has been around since 1910 and in the Valastro family since 1964.  Grace's brother is the famed "Cake Boss" Buddy Valestro, Jr. of the hit series on TLC.  Joey learned all the family baking secrets from Grace's father, Buddy Sr. and worked his way up to head baker. When Joe is not at the bakery, he's a firefighter.  He and  Grace have two children, Robert and Bartolina.

Born in Italy, Mauro Castano moved to the United States and soon began working under Buddy Sr. at Carlo’s Bakery. Mauro officially became part of the famiglia after marrying Buddy’s sister Madeline. Now, Mauro is the head decorator at Carlo’s Bakery and oversees the decorating room. He also conducts cake consultations and helps the sales team bring their clients’ visions to life. Mauro and Madeline have three children, Dominique, Buddy and Mary.

This is the first year at Taste of Derby for Carlo's Bakery, representing Belmont Park in New York.