Chef Tyler Wiard

Representing Skuna Bay

Serving TBA

Tyler Wiard, culinary director of Elway’s Cherry Creek, began his cooking career on the line at Q’s Restaurant in the Hotel Boulderado, alongside chefs John Platt and David Query. Wiard moved to Jax Boulder, and was soon recruited as the opening chef of the Napa Cafe.

Wiard, a self-taught cook, continued to round out his kitchen experiences with two separate stints as executive chef at Mel’s. While working at Mel’s, Wiard had the chance to do guest chef work at Aqua with Michael Mina, Citronelle with Michel Richard and Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio with David and Stephen Rosenthal.

In 2006, Wiard took over as executive chef and culinary director at the popular Elway’s restaurant in Cherry Creek, a spot that gave him the best platform to shine and brought him many accolades in the local press. Each of the last four years, Wiard has cooked at the James Beard House along with some of Denver’s best chefs. An award that Wiard is really proud of is dominating 22 chefs from across the country to take top prize in the 19th Annual Taste of Elegance, a national competition sponsored by the National Pork Board.  Tyler was a cheftestant on Season 10 of Bravo's Top Chef.  He lives in Denver with his wife Jennifer and eighteen month old daughter Lilliana. This is Tyler's first appearance at Taste of Derby, this year representing Skuna Bay Salmon.