Chef Jeremy Ashby

Representing Lexington, KY

Serving Bourbon Candied Ginger and Onion Dip

Jeremy Ashby's restaurant, Azur earned the coveted DiRoNA award in 2014.  His Azur Food Group, which he partners in with Chef Miguel Rivas, Bernie Lovely and Rob Mudd brings in the finest cuisine to Lexington in the form of Azur Restaurant and Patio, Azur Catering , Dupree Catering and the newest member of the family -- Brasabana, featuring Cuban cuisine.

Chef Jeremy’s pedigree springing from Kentucky tradition began as so many culinary stories do with his first apprenticeship -- by the side of his grandmother. Educated in the “hands on” Montessori tradition,  Jeremy carried on his grandmother’s traditions in growing and preparing food from an early age.

Chef Jeremy’s more formal culinary education began with a degree from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina . After pursuing additional training and experience in Charleston and Miami (where he was influenced with Latin flavors), he brought his training home to Kentucky. Curious about all aspects of the culinary trade, he earned a degree from the University of Kentucky in business and hospitality.

Jeremy has been a participating chef in numerous James Beard dinner tours, is a winner of the inaugural Lyons Farm International Chef Showdown in 2012, and placed first in  the Kentucky Great American Seafood Cook-Off, 2011. Ashby co-hosts Food News and Chews television along with Sylvia Lovely on Lexington's PBS affiliate KET. He is a promoter of the Kentucky brand whether it be farms in eastern Kentucky or farms in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  This is Jeremy's third year as a guest chef at Taste of Derby.