Aaron Stordeur

Representing Louisville, KY

Serving hazelnut dacquiose with blueberry sorghum compote (and bourbon balls)

Aaron Stordeur was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he attended culinary school and worked his way up to become head chef of one of the area’s premier restaurants.  Aaron’s first major pastry experience was brought forth while living in remote Alaska, followed by extensive international travel , which continued to shape his views on flavor, ingredients, art, and local foods. After moving to his new hometown of Louisville, Aaron has become the Executive Pastry Chef of the Seelbach Hilton, and oversees the day to day operations in the baking and pastry department of the hotel.  As well as being an avid gardener, home brewer, and canine enthusiast, Aaron continues to explore many areas of culinary arts through reading, teaching, and experimenting with food.