2018 Heart Race at the Track Benefiting the American Heart Association Louisville

Place your bid for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to run in the “Heart Race at the Track” on Churchill Downs' iconic racetrack and support the American Heart Association - Louisville. The 19 highest bidders will join Churchill Downs’ Kristin Warfield in the starting Gate on November 21 to race the Kentucky Derby’s one and a quarter mile distance to the finish line. The race winner will take home two tickets to the 145 th Kentucky Derby in May 2019. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association.

Heart Race at the Track

  • Churchill Downs Racetrack
  • 10:30 AM, Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Heart Race Contenders

Racer #1: Stuart Slagle

Racer #2: Mike Mugler Sr.

Racer #3: Alex Harcourt

Racer #4: Graeme Smith

Racer #5: Justin Brown

Racer #6 :Michael Moeller

Racer #7: Alan Mauser

Racer #8: Katie Newton

Racer #9: Carlos Villasana

Racer #10: Drew Deener

Racer #11: Scotty Davenport

Racer #12: Chris McDonogh

Racer #13:Kristin Warfield

Racer #14: Emily Turman

Racer #15: Tonya Abeln

Racer #16: Craig Robinson

Racer #17: Shannon Follette

Racer #18: Corey Lanerie

Racer #19: Brian Hernandez

Racer #20: Kim Tobin

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