There are quite of few of us at Churchill Downs who think it’s a shame that no one dresses up any more. Luckily, we work for the Kentucky Derby. It’s probably the only place in the world where 170,000 people still dress to the hilt for a sporting event.

The Derby has always been stylish and glamorous. It’s part of what makes it special. But the real fun is in how our fans have fun with Derby’s iconic traditions without looking like they’re from a different era. Nothing celebrates the Derby’s long history as an American icon more than the fantastic hats and dashing bow ties.

Anyone who’s been to the Derby will tell you that when all of the outfits come together on the first Saturday in May, the excitement is palpable. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – because the Derby’s display of American style and tradition simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.  

So start thinking about your Derby outfit… because the 142nd year of iconic style is right around the corner!

Enjoy the slideshow of Derby though the ages. No laughing at the 80s…

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