As someone who likes to dress for the occasion, the Kentucky Derby is my favorite event to be a part of. The year 2020 may have thrown us a few curve-balls, but that will not stop the parade of fashion, whether we dress up at home or at the track. No matter where you choose to experience Kentucky’s beautiful, long-standing tradition, there will be a common thread between us. 
The story of Kentucky Derby hats dates back to the very first race in 1875. Every year since, it has been the most popular fashion accessory and will remain iconic.  Making decisions on what, and how to wear the style you choose can be overwhelming. There are many ways to create a show-stopping Derby Day ensemble, but it is also easy to get stumped when trying to choose a look for a single dress. Today I am going to show you two different hat options with the same dress so you can see the difference it makes to the overall outcome and look. 
From wild and spectacular, to chic and classic, the sky is quite literally the limit.  The Featured Milliners of the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby  - Christine A. Moore Millinery and Formé Millinery – create masterpieces that will earn you a personal ‘best-in-show’. I chose one hat by each designer to wear with each dress to show the fun and creative differences. Love the dresses? They are versatile and perfect for everything from a family cookout to the finish line. Check out the vineyard vines guide to the 146th Kentucky Derby
Which look is your favorite?
Have fun planning and we will see you in a few short weeks ahead!
Catherine Jones
The Southern Gloss

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