Are you ready to take your Kentucky Derby tablescape to the next level? Bring the spirit of the Winner’s Circle to your home celebration by creating a replica of the iconic Garland of Roses that graces the back of the winning thoroughbred in the Winner’s Circle on Derby Day. It is the perfect centerpiece to truly WOW your close friends and family, and it is easier than you think. 
What you will need:
  • 1 – 2 yards of green fabric or felt based on personal preference for size. We made ours 48” long by 14” wide. 
  • 8 – 12 bundles of artificial silk roses. Choose the kind with the ‘buds’ still fairly closed in order to look the most like the iconic original. (We recommend the affordable bunches you can find at most craft stores)
  • Wide red ribbon 
  • Hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks 
  1. Begin by separating the silk flower heads and the leaves. You will need to keep both parts. Kids will love to pop the heads off of the roses, so this is a fun part to get them involved. Separate them into two piles.
  2. Cut the fabric or felt into the shape of your garland/blanket of roses. We cut ours to 48” by 14”. 
  3. Using scissors, cut the ends of the fabric into a soft, tapering “V”. (see photos)
  4. Using the hot glue gun, begin fixing the leaves into a border that circles the entire perimeter of the green fabric.
  5. Find the center point of your fabric and begin creating rows of rose buds by laying them on their sides. To replicate the original, the two rows beginning in the center must face each other, then each row will follow the one before it (see photos). Test the design that works for you before gluing, and then adhere each flower bud until you reach both ends. 
  6. To finish your epic centerpiece, add a bit of greenery and extra roses to the very center, then finalize it  with ribbon bows on each end.
A good-to-know fact: To store you new, amazing piece of décor, simply roll it up towards itself starting at one end, and it will be safe until next year.
We hope you enjoy this fun project! Be sure to share your creations using #DerbyatHome !
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