Are you excited to celebrate the upcoming Derby season with your close group of friends or family? There are many ways to have fun and enjoy the company of those you love while also protecting one another and staying safe. With spring finally here and warmer weather approaching, socializing outdoors has finally become more of a possibility, making creative planning for small gatherings easier. Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind while enjoying everything that this time of year has to offer. Get ready to brainstorm! Here is an easy list of ideas to consider when putting together your Kentucky Derby at home celebrations.
  1. Use an outdoor projector to project the race. Have everyone bring their own lawn chairs and blankets stationed 6 feet apart from one another.
  2. Provide each individual or couple with their own festive basket that includes tasty pre-packaged snacks and goodies, hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing wipes. You could also include napkins and utensils for their meal in their basket so that everything they need is in one place easily within reach. 
  3. Some guidelines recommend wearing a mask to protect yourself and those around you, provide washable, Derby-themed masks for your guests featuring the icons of the occasion such as horses or roses. These also make a great take-home gift.
  4. Provide meals that have been pre-made and are pre-packaged making them easy to serve. This is a great opportunity for a picnic! Put together boxed lunches and serve fresh fruit in small, decorative jars with lids. Too busy to mess with food prep? Consider hiring a meal service to cater individual hot meals directly to you to cut down on hassle. 
  5. Serve all drinks in sealed bottles or cans to reduce airborne risks. Want to serve something homemade? Pre-make a batch of fresh lemonade and offer it to your guests in unique bottles with lids that can be found at many local retailers or craft stores.
  6. Celebrating away from the track doesn’t mean missing your chance at the winning bet! Download the Twin Spires Betting app on your mobile device and experience the thrill and excitement of wagering just like you are at the historic Churchill Downs racetrack. All the fun is right at your fingertips!
  7.  Instead of serving entire full-sized cakes and pies, serve cupcakes and other desserts in single-serving boxes. Bourbon balls are also a classic desert option to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. They can be purchased in small individual quantities, which make them a perfect option.
  8. Expecting kids? When they arrive, have little activity buckets ready for each child with their names on them. Include small activities like bubbles, sidewalk chalk and other creative items to keep them busy having fun outdoors. They will love to take their buckets home with them.  

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