Derby Season is upon us and it is time to create your Derby look.   Here are some tips to stand out from the crowd either at Churchill Downs on May 7th or at your own Derby party.

#1 Colors 

Bright, bold colors will help make your best impression. Bring out the yellows and oranges, greens and pinks, purples and reds. You’ll be the star of the Downs or your party!

#2 Fabrics

When talking about the best looks, lean on the side of light and airy. Wearing linen and cotton will keep you cool on a hot May afternoon. You could also find a textured linen to add a bit of pizzazz to your look without over doing it.  

#3 Size of Hats/Fascinators

Go big! Large and bold concepts both with fascinators and brimmed hats are the hottest trend for Derby 2022. Your hat is your statement piece of the entire outfit, so stand out and own it! 

#4 Gentlemen’s Fashion

Gentleman are going bold now more than ever with vibrant, stand out colors too. Solid sport coats in blue’s, reds, and pinks are always a sharp look on race day. Don’t forget the hat! Fedoras are the go-to hat for gentlemen. Consider color blocking with your whole outfit – royal blue sport coat with a pink hat and blue ribbon and pink pocket square.

#5 Women’s Fashion

Color, color, color! Have your hat be the focal point and plan the rest from there. Go with a simple pattern or solid color outfit, as to not clash with your hat. Consider wearing cocktail length dresses, or a jumpsuit with a jacket, just in case things get a bit chilly.

#6 Derby Day Do’s

Although your heels could probably finish off your outfit, wear comfortable shoes because it really is a long day. Bring a light jacket or shawl because you never know when that breeze will come by and you’ll be chilly. Always purchase a comfortable hat that fits properly or get one fitted specifically for you by a professional. You do not want a headache after wearing it only an hour. Lastly, enjoy the moment! Derby only comes once a year and it’s your time to let loose, have fun, and look great!

Bonus: How Does It Feel to Be a Featured Milliner of the 148th Kentucky Derby?

Being named a Featured Milliner of the Kentucky Derby is truly an honor and pretty remarkable. I appreciate being recognized for my passion and skill as a Master Milliner. The Kentucky Derby is a very special time here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as being a local with a hat shop in Louisville makes it even more rewarding. Every year, I get to see how the Derby brings this city alive leading up to the Greatest Two Minutes in sports. I am grateful for my partnership with Churchill Downs and look forward to an exciting 148th Kentucky Derby!” 

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