Start good. Won easily; second and third driving. TWENTY GRAND, slow to begin, was sent up slowly after a half, raced strongly on the outside and, wearing down SWEEP ALL, drew away fast and won with speed in reserve. SWEEP ALL broke away slowly, but saved ground, followed the leaders in the backstretch, raced into a good lead on the stretch turn, but could not withstand the winner's rush. MATE improved his position fast in the first quarter, saved ground on the second turn, but failed to rally under vigorous driving in the stretch. SPANISH PLAY closed with good courage. BOYS HOWDY began fast and finished well after dripping back on the far turn. INSCO held on well. PITTSBURGHER began slowly, met early interference and was never a factor. LADDER quit badly after a mile. PRINCE D'AMOUR showed early speed. Scratched - Equipoise, Up, Don Leon.