Start good. Won handily; second and third driving. COUNT FLEET began fast, was hustled along until reaching the stretch, shook off the bid of GOLD SHOWER and, responding to a shaking up, won handily. BLUE SWORDS was in hand until reaching the last half, came determinedly when subjected to punishment, but was not good enough for the winner, although easily best of the others. SLIDE RULE saved ground while outrun to the final half, was blocked when moving up approaching the final turn and, taken out for the drive, could not reach the leaders. AMBER LIGHT raced evenly under restraint until reaching the final half, made a game bid entering the stretch, but tired. BANKRUPT, outrun until the final quarter, failed to respond when called upon in the stretch. NO WRINKLES could not better his position and had no excuses. DOVE PIE swerved to the inside after the start and was never a serious contender. GOLD SHOWER, much used engaging COUNT FLEET in the first three-quarters, gave way badly thereafter. MODEST LAD, bothered slightly after the start by DOVE PIE, was always far back. BURNT CORK began fast, displayed good speed in the first half and then quit. Scratched - Twoses, Ocean Wave.