GO FOR GIN ducked out after the start forcing TABASCO CAT into BROCCO, quickly reached contention when straightened away, took over entering the backstretch, was well in hand while managing a clear lead into the upper stretch, drew off quickly when roused, then held sway while drifting out in the final sixteenth as his rider took hold nearing the wire. STRODES CREEK, allowed to settle into the backstretch, angled out while rallying leaving the far turn, then finished well to best the others while racing six wide. BLUMIN AFFAIR commenced his rally approaching the end of the backstretch, made a run from between foes nearing midstretch but failed to sustain his bid. BROCCO, squeezed back at the start, moved within easy striking distance entering the backstretch, loomed a strong factor inside the leaders entering the stretch then weakened under pressure. SOUL of the MATTER, outrun to the far turn, made a mild bid between rivals through the upper stretch and flattened out. TABASCO CAT, forced into BROCCO at the start, quickly reached a striking position outside horses, remained a factor after moving inside on the second turn, but gave way in the drive. SOUTHERN RHYTHM broke to the inside and was outrun for a mile, then failed to threaten while finishing seven wide. POWIS CASTLE came out after bobbling at the start putting HOLY BULL in tight quarters, raced forwardly until the upper stretch and tired. MAHOGANY HALL, never close, clipped the heels of MEADOW FLIGHT after entering the stretch and stumbled badly. SMILIN SINGIN SAM lacked room after the start, advanced steadily approaching the far turn to make his bid but was finished entering the stretch. MEADOW FLIGHT was finished early. HOLY BULL, in tight after failing to break alertly raced within easy striking distance to the far turn, then tired badly. VALIANT NATURE, away in good order, took up sharply along the inside racing into the first turn to avoid clipping heels, then gave way readily. ULISES showed speed until near the end of the backstretch and stopped badly. KANDALY WAS SCRATCHED AFTER THE FIFTH RACE BECAUSE OF TRACK CONDITION. ALL WAGERS IN THE STRAIGHT, PLACE, SHOW, EXACTA AND TRIFECTA POOLS WERE ORDER REFUNDED. ALL PICK-THREE AND PICK-SIX WAGERS INVOLVING KANDALY WERE SWITCHED TO THE FAVORITE, HOLY BULL.