BIG BROWN rated off the early pace four wide, advanced in the five path when ready after five furlongs, ranged up outside RECAPTURETHEGLORY approaching the stretch, took over and angled in near the rail once in the stretch and increased his lead under steady urging. EIGHT BELLES forwardly placed, between rivals, steadied with three furlongs to go when blocked, steadied again nearing the quarter mile marker when lacking a clear path, angled out to follow the winner into the stretch, drifted to the rail approaching the furlong marker and held on gamely to be second best. EIGHT BELLES Pulled up in distress. DENIS OF CORK angled to the rail in the initial furlong, advanced between rivals with three furlongs to go, moved back to the inside once in the stretch and improved his position while not a real threat. TALE OF EKATI steadied in the initial quarter when in tight, drifted out carrying COURT VISION out, was reserved along the inside, moved out four wide with three furlongs to go when advancing, came six wide into the stretch, reached a forward position in midstretch but lacked a further bid. RECAPTURETHEGLORY close up four wide while reserved off the leaders, surged in that path after six furlongs to challenge, stayed with the winner into the stetch but tired in the final furlong. COLONEL JOHN steadied in the initial furlong when in tight, was outrun early, made a bold six wide run to the quarter mile marker but could not sustain the bid. ANAK NAKAL outrun four wide, advanced seven wide after seven furlongs and improved his position while no real threat. PYRO angled in early to race in hand along the inside, moved out to the two path on the second turn, came four wide into the stretch but could not menace. COWBOY CAL followed BOB BLACK JACK in when that one angled in, pressured that one through moderate fractions, stayed on well to the final quarter and tired. Z FORTUNE in traffic early when within easy striking distance, maintained a good position to the stretch and tired. SMOOTH AIR broke in the air, steadied in the initial quarter and again once in the first turn, angled out six wide late on the second turn but lacked a late bid. VISIONAIRE stumbled at the start, steadied near the finish line the first time, was outrun for five furlongs, steadied entering the second turn when in close quarters, moved out three wide on the second turn, drifted out in midstretch and improved position late. COURT VISION steadied when carried out near the finish line the first time bumping with BIG TRUCK, was reserved inside and could not menace. Z HUMOR carried in in the initial furlong, took up in traffic near the finish line the first time, was unhurried for a half, checked near the five furlong marker and never threatened. COOL COAL MAN taken in hand after an alert beginning to race within striking distance along the inside, held on well for seven furlongs and faded. BOB BLACK JACK angled in early, set the pace, stayed on well for a mile and faded. GAYEGO sluggish at the start, steadied in traffic in the opening quarter, was a bit rank behind the winner on the first turn then was through after six furlongs. BIG TRUCK steadied when bumped by COURT VISION early, raced within striking distance for six furlongs and gave way. ADRIANO took up approaching the finish line the first time then was no factor. MONBA steadied in the initial quarter, raced five wide on the first turn and could not menace.