SUPER SAVER came in, reserved, rail, striking distance, split, clear, driving ICE BOX stead early, bold run, blckd, stead 1/4-3/16, swung out 1/8 PADDY O'PRADO came in, rail, 3w run, swerved out, in 1/4 pl, good move, hung MAKE MUSIC FOR ME pinched back, outrun, angled out, 8w 1/4 pl, drifted in, rallied NOBLE'S PROMISE carried in, brushed, forward, rated, 2w, took over, tired late LOOKIN AT LUCKY roughed st, again soon after, 5w run 2nd, angled in 1/8, no bid DUBLIN stead,opening 1/8, angled out 7w 3/8 pl, bold run to 1/4 pl,tired STATELY VICTOR forced in early, bumped, angled, bold run 2nd turn, tired drive MISSION IMPAZIBLE shuffled back 1m pl, inside run 2nd, split 3/16, faded DEVIL MAY CARE reserved for 6
furlongs 5 wide middle move, carried in 1/16,tire AMERICAN LION steadied early, 5 wide run 2nd turn, no late response JACKSON BEND reserved, middle move, steadied altered course 1/4, gave way DISCREETLY MINE came in 7/8 pl, close up, 4 wide run, bumped 5/16, faded DEAN'S KITTEN in tight start, never reached contention CONVEYANCE sent to lead, angled in, set fast pace, steadied 3/16, stopped HOMEBOYKRIS in tight start, wide, outrun SIDNEY'S CANDY angled in early, pressed pace, stayed for 1 mile, stopped LINE OF DAVID close up for 1/2, stopped AWESOME ACT in hand, 6 wide, never in contention BACKTALK bumped early, urged along between, stopped