Churchill Downs Racetrack Media Contacts

Darren Rogers, Senior Director of Communications & Media Services: (502) 636-4461 or [email protected] 

Kevin Kerstein, Publicity Manager: (502) 635-4712 or [email protected]

Churchill Downs Incorporated Media Contact

Tonya Abeln, Vice President of Communications: (502) 636-4506 or [email protected] 

Media Credentials

Interested media who seek media credentials for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs should send an e-mail to Darren Rogers, senior director of communications & media services at [email protected].

To provide background, Churchill Downs provides season and/or daily media credentials to members of the working media, defined as those who are full-time paid employees or representatives of professionally recognized media organizations, including newspapers, magazines, major wire services, television stations, radio stations, Web sites and other online mediums.

Churchill Downs media credentials shall only be issued to members of the working media whose primary purpose is gathering news and disseminating it and for which other commercial activities are ancillary.

Applying in no way guarantees a media outlet will receive media credentials; access is a privilege, not a right. Media credentials are awarded by Churchill Downs in the exercise of its sole and absolute discretion. In exchange for access to Churchill Downs in ways not available to the general public, members of the media shall agree to certain terms and conditions governing the access. Before Churchill Downs media credentials are issued, the individual and/or outlet must sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement for coverage of any event on track property and provide proof of liability insurance (if required).

We hope you find this information useful in understanding some of our policies and procedures.

2022 Notice of Media Rules & Guidelines

2022 Release & Indemnification Agreement

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2022 Kentucky Derby Week / Spring Meet Post Times

2022 MAP - Morning Workouts Parking in Turquoise or Yellow Lot (Saturday, April 30-Thursday, May 5 until 10:30 a.m.)

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