Lobster steamed in Stella Artois

  • 4 1 to 1 ¼ lb live lobsters(or thawed tails)
  • 2 lbs little neck clams
  • 6 bottles STELLA ARTOIS
  • 2 cups melted butter combined with 1 tbsp lemon juice

Place lobsters (or tails) in a steamerbasket or on a rack several inches abovethe bottom of the pot. Put the clams intoa cheesecloth bag and place on top ofthe lobsters and then add Stella Artois.Check periodically and add more StellaArtois if necessary. Cover and steamapproximately 20 to 25 minutes or untillobster turns bright red and clams haveopened. Serve with melted butter.

Pairing Recommendation

Stella Artois

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