How To Bet The Preakness Stakes

On this page, you will learn how to bet on the Preakness Steaks using straight bets and exotic bets. You’ll also understand how the odds work while discovering some of the best methods for placing wagers on the Triple Crown

How the experts suggest you bet the Preakness Stakes:

Types of Bets 

As a marquee event on the Thoroughbred calendar, the Preakness Stakes offers a full slate of betting. There are generally two types of wagers that a player can make: straight and exotic. These are outlined below. 

Straight Bets 

These are wagers based on a single outcome with a single horse and are a standard option for players. 

Win – The horse must finish first.
Place – The horse must finish first or second.
Show – The horse must finish first, second or third. 

Exotic Bets 

These are wagers based on multiple outcomes. They are technically more difficult to win, and therefore provide larger payouts. 

Exacta – Select two horses to finish 1st and 2nd in exact order.
Trifecta – Select three horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in exact order.
Superfecta – Select four horses to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in exact order. 

All of the exotic bets listed above can be “boxed”, meaning that you change the outcome from exact order to any order. For example, in an exacta box you will be selecting the top-two finishers in the race. For a trifecta box you select the top-three, and in a superfecta box you will select the top-four finishers. 

How To Bet The Preakness Stakes Odds 

Now that you understand the basic straight and exotic bets, it’s time to understand how odds in horse racing work. The field of contenders will be assigned early odds on the Wednesday following the post draw, which determines which gate each horse starts in. 

Please note that the odds for the Preakness Stakes will fluctuate slightly as action begins to come in. Once you have placed your wager, the odds at that time will become locked for that particular bet. 

The table below outlines some of the odds you might see for the Preakness Stakes and their corresponding payout based on a standard $2 wager.



$2 Wager


































Where To Bet The Preakness Stakes

There are several options for those wondering how to bet the Preakness Stakes this coming spring. 

At The Window 

You can bet at Pimlico Racecourse using their betting windows or their amazing kiosks. The tellers at the window are great at walking through and explaining all the options available to you, while the kiosks allow for a seamless way to place a wager on any of the race day events. 

Bet The Preakness Stakes Online offers a fluid and easy-to-use desktop portal for those looking to bet the Preakness Stakes. It’s free to sign up, and deposit is simple and fast. You can easily sign up on the day of the race you’re looking to bet, or sign up in advance to get the best odds! 

Mobile Options 

You can head to the Apple Store or the Android portal to download the free app for your tablet or smartphone. It offers all the functionality of our desktop site, but gives you the freedom to bet on the Preakness Stakes on the go. All wagering options are available through our desktop and mobile platforms. Get in on the action today!

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