Plan Your Own Derby Party

Silks Theme

Having a Silks theme at your Party is colorful and exuberant. Show favoritism for your lucky horse or showcase all silk designs for fun! Allure your friends and family to experience the Derby in colorful style. Use the following elements to design your day!

Elements for Silks theme:

  • Dress Codes:
    • Red Carpet Style: Women with scarves and men with patterned ties
    • Jockey Club: Require everyone to design their own silk to wear
  • Table Décor with cloths, placemats, and napkins to look like silks
  • Serving dishes to be colorful and emulate silks
  • Flavored punch or beverages to be served in color
  • Bake cookies and design them with icing to look like silks
  • Hang flags outside or create a strand of silks by using fishing line, construction paper, and tape. (much like prayer flags)