My Derby Party

The Great Debate: Tie vs. Bowtie

Straight from the horse’s mouth!

Shep & Ian Murray, brothers, co-founders and CEO’s of vineyard vines, know a thing or two about ties. As the “Official Style of the Kentucky Derby”, vineyard vines is well aware half the fun of a party is dressing the part. The brothers share their thoughts on the age-old question:  Tie or Bowtie?


Why a Tie? 

By Shep Murray

  1. Show me five guys who know how to tie a bowtie….without help.
  2. More room for patterns means more room for fun.
  3. Everyone knows a tie makes you look up to 50% taller! (Actual results may vary.)
  4. Last time I checked, the saying was “Tie one on!” not “Bowtie one on!”?
  5. Everybody knows shirts prefer long ties better.


Why a Bowtie? 

By: Ian Murray

  1. The Derby is all about fun and what’s more fun than a bowtie?
  2. True southern gentlemen love their bowties. So when in Rome…
  3. Your bowtie will never make its way onto your plate. (We can’t say the same about its lankier cousin…)
  4. It’s bow tie or no tie.
  5. Two words: James Bond.


To make it official we polled the vineyard vines Facebook community on which they would prefer and well, the results weren’t tied to say the least.

Whichever one you chose to wear for a day at the races or the Derby party, just remember one rule: NO CLIP-ONS!