Plan Your Own Derby Party

A message from the Kentucky Derby Social Committee, NE division

The Salamone Derby Social

Hosted by The Salamone Family

DERBY DOs!   and   DERBY DON’Ts!


Ladies Do:

  • Have an appropriately beautiful hat for Derby Day; there will be a valuable prize for the finest
  • Bring an appropriately beautiful (skimpy?) bathing suit; the pool and sunbathing areas are very nice and we don’t want to blemish the scene.
  • Bring sun screen.
  •  Bring a towel.
  • Bring whatever beverages you may be consuming that day.  Certain cocktails (mint juleps) will be supplied by the Derby committee as well as other quenchers however, funds are limited and rumors of your consumption are ubiquitous.
  • Remember: Be nice to all at the party!  You will see them again.
  • If you feel you’d like to contribute a very special dish to the event please contact Nancy @ (704)995-0527.  We don’t want 6 redundant dishes of baked beans now do we?


Ladies Don’t:

  • Bring little children to this adult event
  • Bring dogs, cats or birds unless caged or leashed.  (pony’s, horses, and  harley’s are allowed)
  • Go overboard on the mint juleps or bourbon. 
  • Pretend you’re a southern “belle” when you’re actually nothing at all.


Gentlemen Do:

  • Come appropriately primped.  There will be an equally valuable prize for the gent who presents himself best.  (2 Super Bowl Tickets)
  • Ask your wife or significant- other  what you should bring.  Odds are, they’ll be much more aware of things than you.
  • Bring your favorite beverage of the day for the same reasons we told the Ladies.

Gentlemen Don’t:

  • Go overboard on the mint juleps or bourbon, unless you plan on cleaning up after yourself. 
  • No glasses or bottles in the pool area.
  • That’s about it concerning any restrictions on the  guys.

Need further information?  Please contact  Frank @(716) 998-6606. Call anytime!  This number is monitored 24/7 and is least busy between the hours of 4 and 6 AM.