This year at Thurby, fans were treated to performances from various Louisville Accord musicians. Louisville Accord is an original recording project that pairs two Louisville singer/songwriters from different genres to produce a completely original work of audio art. These original compositions, performed all throughout the track, included:
  • Louisville Orchestra’s Teddy Abrams and Michael Cleveland perform, October
  • Alanna Fugate and Danny Flanigan perform, Storefront Companion
  • Cheyenne Marie Mize 
  • JD Green and Alex Wright perform Still Life
  • Kendra Villiger
  • Sydney Sleadd and Mike Hood perform Last Night
  • Carly Johnson perform Long Gone
  • Tyrone Cotton and Nick Dittmeier perform Endless Roads
Great music knows no boundaries; Louisville Accord’s mission to protect the music by breaking down the walls of categorization. This opportunity for local artists to "come together" to serve the local music community represents one of the pillars of the Thurby event - great horse racing, bourbon, and music! 
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