Are you ready to make a statement! This is a great fashion tutorial for all ages that you likely already have the supplies for right now in your home! No matter the circumstance, the first Saturday in May cannot be properly celebrated without the right fashion accessories. Let’s get to work: 

Items you will need:
  • Assorted tissue paper in various colors
  • Headbands
  • String or wire
  • Hot glue gun
Steps to Make:
  1. To start, we will create a flower from layers of colorful tissue paper in whatever colors you choose.  Decide what size flower you want to create. Cut a perfect square that is roughly the diameter you are aiming for. You will need 12 squares of paper for each flower. For this project, I chose to be creative and stacked my chosen colors light to dark, using 3-4 sheets of each chosen color to total 12. This gives an ombré effect that can be very pretty. You can also choose to make a flower that is a solid color depending on what supplies you have nearby.
  2. Once you have your stack of 12 sheets of paper, you will then begin to fold it like an accordion. Fold back and forth until the entire piece is flat. Pinch it in the middle and tie/secure it with a piece of wire or string. (See photo)
  3. Now that your tissue paper is folded and secured, take a pair of scissors and cut half of  a ‘U’ shape into both ends. It will create the shape of a flower petal. When you unfold it, you will see the shape you created. (See photo)
  4. Now the fun begins! Going very slowly, carefully lift and fluff each delicate layer of paper. Slowly you will begin to see the flower take shape! Adjust as needed to create the look you are aiming for.
  5. Repeat these steps for as many sizes and shapes of flowers you would like! Using a hot glue gun, carefully attach the lightweight paper flowers to a headband and enjoy your look all day long!

Derby Fashion Insider

Catherine N.Jones-The Southern Gloss 

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