This is a fun and incredibly simple project that makes a beautiful statement and will last for many years to come. Use your Run for the Roses wreath to make any space bright and festive. It is sure to be the perfect welcome or centerpiece for any Derby season soiree big or small, and is guaranteed to receive all the compliments.

Items you will need:
  • Foam board
  • Silk roses
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • 3” wide ribbon (Approx. 4 ft.)
Steps to Make:
  1. One of the great things about this project is that you can create your horseshoe of roses in any size you choose to suit any purpose. For today, we chose to make a size suitable for a front door of a home. We will be using foam board which can be found where you buy poster board. On your foam board, draw a large horseshoe. (It is okay if you mess up because all of the marks will be covered by bright blooms.) Once you like your shape, cut it out using scissors or a box knife. Remember to not stress about perfection because it will all be roses in the end!
  2. If your artificial roses are on bush-style stems, you will want to remove all of the blooms from the stems, and save a few leaves too. Our horseshoe measured 21” x 19” and required approximately 60 medium to small sized roses to cover it. It is best to purchase more than you think you will need just incase. Using your hot glue gun, cover the entire horseshoe with roses one at a time, being careful to make sure that the edges of the board are not showing.
  3. Once your roses are all secured, you may take the leaves you set aside from the rose stems and disperse a few wherever inspires you. Secure them with hot glue. 
  4. Take the 3” wide ribbon in the color you prefer and secure it to the back of each side of the horseshoe and tie it at the top. Hang your new creation anywhere and enjoy it for many Derby seasons to come!

Derby Fashion Insider
Catherine N.Jones-The Southern Gloss

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