Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 4

Friday, April 5th 12 PM ET - Sunday, April 7th 6 PM ET

The Kentucky Derby Future Wager is an opportunity for fans to bet early on the potential Derby horse they think will earn a spot in the starting gate and go on to win the Kentucky Derby race.  Future Wager bets typically offer larger payouts than betting the same horse on race day because it is not yet known which horses will ultimately qualify to run in the Derby. This Future Wager offers 24 potential contenders to bet on.  23 are individually named horses and the 24th option is a bet on “all others”.  A bet on “all others” will win if any horse other than the 23 individually named in this pool wins the Kentucky Derby. 

Select your favorite Kentucky Derby hopeful, and follow your horse’s journey along the Road to the Kentucky Derby.

Wagering is now closed for Pool 4.
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