There’s a reason that baby animal photos are wildly popular -- the combination of cuteness, and varying degrees of fuzziness and playfulness, are just about irresistible.

As you can see from a selection of this year’s Kentucky Derby (G1) contenders as foals, so are baby Thoroughbreds.

Just for fun, we’ll list them without their names and give you the chance to guess their identities. The answers are only a click (or hover) away, via the link to their “Tales from the Crib” stories.

This colt “learned everything very quickly.”

Baby Picture 1

“He was the baby that tried to get everyone else into trouble.”

Baby Picture 2

He has “always been the perfect gentleman.”

Baby Picture 3

“He was bright and inquisitive as a young horse.”

Baby Picture 4

“He had his own opinion about life.” 

Baby Picture 5

This little guy is a tricky one because he’s no longer chestnut!

Baby Picture 6

“He kind of always lived in his brother’s shadow a little bit.” 

Baby Picture 7

“He always looked like a tough warrior.”

Baby Picture 8

“He was great at photobombing all the other foals in the field.”

Baby Picture 9

Not roguish, but always full of himself, very full of himself, as a colt.”

Baby Picture 10

“He was very exploring” and “very independent.”

Baby Picture 11

Here are some other Derby hopefuls as yearlings

“He would overreact sometimes.”

Baby Picture 12

“We'd say it in a Jamaica tone, as he was pretty chill and confident.”

Baby Picture 13

“He was just drop-dead gorgeous.”

Baby Picture 14

This youngster was “one of those that always wanted to please.”

Baby Picture 15

And a couple as 2-year-olds before they left for the racetrack.

“He’s a very cool horse that I think is knocking on the door for great things.”

Baby Picture 16

“I've never seen a foal that big in all my life.”

Baby Picture 17

Also see the “Tales from the Crib” for SuddenbreakingnewsMy Man Sam, and Danzing Candy.

Photo credits, in order of appearance: Ashford Stud, Sally Farnsworth/WinStar Farm, Clearsky Farms, WinStar Farm, Bev Grovert, Mathea Kelley, Laura Donnell, Kara McDermott, Rachel Holden, Mathea Kelley, Blackstone Farm, Matt Wooley/EquiSport Photos, Kimberly McCormack, Kim Poulin, Keeneland/Photos by Z, Todd Quast.